5 Health and Wellness Tips

health tips

Between late nights turning into early mornings spent partying, having multiple pizza places at your finger tips and experiencing countless unplanned hangout sessions; it’s rather hard to stay in shape in college.

This is where I come in. Below are five practical health and wellness tips for college students that you can add to your daily routine today.

Make Smart Eating Choices

If you can master this one tip alone, you will be better off that 90% percent of the human population. There is a bit of truth to the clichéyou are what you eat. That being said, if you make poor eating choices, guess what? It’ll lead to poor health.

Fortunately, I have good news for you. Staying healthy in college doesn’t require you to take on a massive diet and completely change the way you have been living life. It only requires you to make smart eating choices. Here’s what I mean.

Instead of ordering a cheeseburger, order a chicken sandwich. Lean protein is better for you than fatty red meat. Instead of ordering a side of fries, order vegetables or a salad. Vegetables help your body more than French fries do. Instead of using white bread for toast, use whole grain. Whole grain is better for you than it’s processed counter part. Instead of drinking sugary pop, choose water or tea. Why? It’s better for you! I think you’re getting the picture.

Eating healthy shouldn’t require you to completely change your life, it should only require you to be a tad more thoughtful in your approach to dining. Trust me, if you can apply this tip, you’ll be fine.

Exercise Regularly

Ok, I admit it, I didn’t particularly care for gym class either, but to no one’s surprise, regular exercise does promote health and wellness. Now I know you’re busy studying but you probably can afford to dedicate 3 hours a week to go to the gym. It’s for your health after all. Who knows? You might even enjoy it!

Drink Water

Listen, you don’t drink enough water, I don’t drink enough water, most people don’t drink enough water. Let’s change this. Try drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. You’ll find yourself physically feeling better and you’ll probably have fewer headaches to boot. Look, our bodies are mainly water – it just might be a good idea to stay hydrated.

Get Adequate Rest

To the people that love to sleep, you’re doing this right! In college and also in life, it’s important to get plenty of rest. Now, I’m guessing that you’ve been asleep at least once in your life and can relate to the feeling of waking up refreshed. I won’t insult you; you already have lived the benefits of getting sleep. I just want to remind you night owls that it is important to get sleep. Think of that before you stay up to 6:00AM again.


Hey you! Relax! I get it, in college you’re constantly juggling a social life, an academic life and in certain cases a work life. I’m telling you to relax. It’ll be ok.

It’s very easy to become stressed out studying for health administration masters or any other degree. But again, relax; you’ll be ok. There’s been millions of students who have had a heavier work load who managed to end up ok. Next time you’re feeling stressed, remember to take life in real-time and RELAX.


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