Top 10 Vampire Movies of All Time

Top 10 Vampire Movies

Vampires are a strange type of monster. For some reason chicks dig ‘em. I don’t understand it myself. I just kind of like all the jumping around and blood sucking that goes on! I’ve got to go buy some fangs and a pogo stick… after I finish this list.

10). Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


This movie was super-sensual on a lot of levels. I just can’t help but to crack up every time Keanu Reeves pops up- “DUDE! You TOTALLY have long fangs.”

9). 30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night


This vampire movie was very campy in a sort of fun loving, kill everyone kind of way. I always wondered why vamps never moved up north for an extended hunting season. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought about it.

8). Vampires

John Carpenter and James Woods. Awesome. I have no idea why I like James Woods, many of us don’t- but I do like an actor who kills vampires. Great movie for gore and a few jumps.

7). Blade



The first one. What can you do as a vampire that can withstand sunlight? Kill other vampires. If you happen to already be an accomplished martial artist, that’s even better! Wesley Snipes is outstanding as the anti-hero Blade in this action/horror movie.

6). Dracula – 1931

Dracula – 1931


Some would say (myself included) that this is the pivotal vampire movie. Why? Because everyone compares all others to this movie and its star Bella Lugosi. Either “I based my Dracula off of Bella’s” or “I was avoiding the traditional portrayal of Dracula…” Not many actors have ever played one role as well as Lugosi and become such an icon on a subconscious level as this Hungarian born actor did.

5). Underworld



Yeah we all know how I feel about Underworld and its fanged, no door shutting, kind of bratty vixen played by Kate (Rowl) Beckensale, but it was a good series too!

4). Interview With a Vampire

Interview With a Vampire


Originally Anne Rice protested the casting of Cruise as Lestat (the possible Bi-sexual) vampire, but after screening the movie gave everyone the royal “it’s okay.” There were some homo-erotic undertones to the movie which made some people uncomfortable… but this was PBBM (Pre-Broke Back Mountain).

3). Twilight saga

Twilight saga


No one can deny the power of the Twilight saga. New Moon saw impressive sales and has quite a following. So much so it can’t be denied it’s spot at #3 on our count down.

2). The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys


Damn it pains me to have to include this movie in anything. I truly truly and really do hate this movie. But it’s a popularity lives on and no one can have a vampire movie discussion without the Lost Boys being brought up…. Now they’re making Lost Boys 3… seriously.

1). Let the Right One in

Let the Right One in


This Swedish vampire film was a vamp film with a soft touch, focusing in on the relationship that develops between a human child and a vampire child. This film won a ton of international acclaim and an English remake is due out in October of 2010.


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