8 Foods That Are Toxic to Pets (and Some Healthy Alternatives)

8 Foods That Are Toxic to Pets

Pets are part of our family, and because they are, we always want to share what we have with them. This is quite easy since pets also accept anything that we give or feed them. Apparently, not all foods can go down that easy with your pets, unlike it does on you. Some food can make them sick and some can even be fatal, even if these foods are simple menu for us. Here are 8 foods that you should avoid giving to your pets.


Chicken may be a tasty meal for us and can give enough protein, but it’s a different story for pets. Giving your pets chicken bones and skin can stimulate allergic reactions that can irritate their skin and start many kinds of skin diseases.


Chocolate and anything that contains caffeine is toxic to your pets. This is because caffeine contains ingredients that can only be tolerated by the human heart. As such, excessive caffeine for pets can result to abnormal heart functions and even heart attack.


Seafood is bad for your pets for a number of reasons. Two most prevalent are: (1) it can result to allergic reactions, like humans, and skin diseases; and (2) it can result to bad breathe and digestive problems.

Citrus fruits

While citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C that is good for all, it apparently has limitations for your pets. This is because the acidic levels of citrus fruits can be too high for your pets and it can cause stomach problems, stomach aches and digestion problems.

Milk and dairy products

Rich in protein and calcium, milk are often a staple meal for pets. It does no harm on a safe level. However, with excessive milk and dairy intake can present allergic reactions and digestive problems. An upset stomach is a common side effect to excessive milk.

Undercooked meat

While we have higher tolerance for raw meat, pets are more prone to bacteria and Salmonella which can result to worms and severe diseases.

Salty food

Studies show that salty food for pets can lead to excessive thirst and urination, which can generally affect their urinary system and body functions.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is bad for pets, for obvious reasons. Pets have lower tolerance for alcohol and even a small intake can lead to vomiting and stomach problems.

Some Healthy Alternatives

With the commitment to give your pets the best and share your food with them, there also are limitations. Pet food are especially made for pets and is packed with nutrients that their body needs.

Some other healthy alternatives aside from pet food are well cooked meat, apples, berries, bananas, carrots, rice or potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

Pets may seem to enjoy anything we feed them – they like your affection like that – but sometimes, the side effects of these foods can be underlying. It is essential that you know the healthy or toxic foods for them and store it in the best dog food storage. If you are unsure of what you feed your pets, seek help and approval from a vet.


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